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A birthday cake for Doyald

I spied this van on Cotner Ave. a day after I received Facebook’s notification that it was the birthday of Doyald Young (1926-2011). Just as we were all supposed to experience fifteen minutes of fame, we can now anticipate  a new kind of immortality thanks to Facebook’s birthday calendar.  I am pretty sure Doyald would…

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Travels in Accreted Material Density – Mexico City

E-5. That was the sign on the lightpole under which I parked the Saab. It is significant, why? Because I remembered it easily, whereas in the past year and a half since Crash Paper was founded and our daughter was born, my bandwidth was stretched to its maximum extent. I would have to resort to…

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An Evening with Murakami

Around 2:00 last Thursday I felt like an enormous fool. I had been looking forward to attending that evening a meeting of the minds between two fine writers: Pico Iyer and Murakami, at the Orpheum Theater in downtown LA. As I printed out my online admission ticket on real paper—like an unfashionably old school printer—I…

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