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Orejana Outfit: Arizona’s Historic O RO Ranch 1993-2013

We are pleased to announce the publication of Orejana Outfit: Arizona’s Historic O RO Ranch 1993-2013, published by Kathy McCraine. The vast 257,000-acre O RO Ranch, just south of Prescott, Arizona, started out as a Spanish Land Grant. It is closed to the public. As Jay Dusard, esteemed photographer of the West, writes in the forward, “Northern Arizona’s O RO Ranch is nothing short of a modern day miracle. Or maybe a time machine that can transport the viewer back to almost before all the wire got strung.”
The O RO Ranch, from 1993 to 2013, was run the way ranches had been run for centuries. Most of the work was done by horses, and by lean men in cowboy hats, with ropes. Kathy McCraine’s photos document the daily life on the Ranch. At the same time, her sepia-tone images transmit the mystique that surrounds the place. “For some reason I can’t explain,” Wayne Word, Ranch Manager said of the O RO, “everyone who ever worked here seems to love this ranch above all others. It’s one of the last of the true western ranches.”
The book is available through
“Any book that points out “bulldog tapaderos” and captures authentic cowboys in midair (as in “Rimfired”), with names like Utah Falcon, Cody Tillery, Skeeter Crawford and Cody Rose, is a book I have to have in my library.”
– Bob Boze Bell, Executive Editor, True West magazine
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