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Posted by Glenn Hettinger, AIA – January, 2015
Author & Photographer of the “Distinctive Homes of America’ book series

“Crash Paper came through for the third time with a flawless product. The color and crispness of our 700 images is outstanding. I like them in regular light, but when viewed under bright sunlight the imaged really POP!”

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From “Changing Printers in Midstream”
by Walt “Stryke” Clayton – February 2013

… This above-and-beyond attitude is so rare these days that I floated continually in a state of unreal gratitude. Tom believed in the viability of my project and was instrumental in making it happen. Had I not made the switch I doubt that my guide would today be in print. My first book came out better than I had ever hoped, which people remark on when they flip through it. Over the course of this exercise, Tom Hummel excelled in every level of support, technical expertise and problem solving. And as an extra bonus he has a quick wit and much appreciated sense of humor, which found their way into our countless emails. I’ve never met Tom in person and don’t even know what he looks like. All I know for sure is that he’s the go-to guy for my next book… and that he owes me a free lunch.”

– Walt Clayton, author of “Stryke’s Buns Guide.”

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From “In Praise of Printers”

Posted by Michael Chusid, RA FCSI on Thursday, May 10, 2012
Labels: Product Literature

After the creative concept…
after the copy writing…
after the photography…
after the graphic design…
…your new catalog, sales brochure, or other print collateral must still be printed. For anything more than a quick laser-printed pdf, this requires the cooperation and care of a talented printer. The Chusid Associates team has just completed a 150+ page product presentation. Without the help of our printer, our “masterpiece” could become a ruin. This is not a simple project. Four types of paper or plastic sheets are to be printed upon and have to provide consistent color and saturation, and the bindery will receive inserts from multiple vendors. There are more than 100 color photos, and an even greater number of drawings. And, of course, the deadline is unreasonably short and we negotiated a price that left little fat. Still, the printer took time to rework graphics to improve the publication’s appearance, identify potential errors in the press-ready files and suggest remedial measure, and to carefully make all the changes requested after our client and staff reviewed the proofs. The printer even pointed out, to my embarrassment, that the name of the client was misspelled! We typically conduct press checks as a project is printed to assure that the pages are in order and that the ink process colors are in balance. That isn’t practical in this case since the printing is being done offshore. But I am not worried about this lack of on-site observations: The printer has gone from being a vendor to being our collaborator. I extend a hearty thank you to Thomas Hummel and his crew.

– Michael Chusid, Michael Chusid Associates

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